Upon the Shimmered Bough (EP)

by Dzö-nga

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"Both lyrics and instrumentation conspire together to transform all thoughts into those of ice filled landscapes and snow-kissed forests...the entirety of winter’s auditory world is laid out before the listener, and with every additional syllable of the poem, every enticing melody, the more palpable it becomes."
- Illicit Listening


"Equally harsh as it is beautiful, a tribute to winter...the atmosphere is perfect and mirrors the cover picture perfectly. This is an atmospheric black metal project to keep an eye on."
- Ethereal Black Metal


released January 15, 2017

Cryvas - Instruments and vocals



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Dzö-nga Boston, Massachusetts

Dzö-nga [zone-gah] is a black metal project formed in 2016. Its lyrics draw on mythology and folklore of world cultures

The band takes its name from a Himalayan deity.

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Track Name: Upon the Shimmered Bough
Behold, my child, the glistening ice upon the shimmered bough
and wind that slips betwixt the trees with melancholy sigh
A land that once caressed your cheek and carved your weathered brow
whose hounds of winter, years from now, will call you to their cry

Come hither now and lay your gaze upon a stream bestilled
that deep within flows, even through the winter's coldest day
And carry with you all that you have seen throughout the years
for every step that you forget will lead you more astray

(A thousand miles away
I long for your embrace
The warmth your breath
Like sun on my neck

Beyond these endless hills
In nearly another world
I wonder if you think of me
I almost hope that you forgot)

Be soft, my child, and sing to those whose spirits wander yet
these snowy hills, and haunt in silent solitude the reave
In lands where time has come to rest in sempiternal bliss
Which mind and body may forsake but souls shall never leave

(At the end, in fields of ice
I heard not the wind
But the rushing of my blood
And your immortal voice)